“My experience at Eppic Chiropractic has been, by far, the highest quality chiropractic care I have received in Reno. Dr. Epper is very thorough and attentive when it comes to creating a treatment plan that will address all of your pain points/needs. I really appreciate that Dr. Epper genuinely cares about whether or not you’re improving and is not just “going through the motions” with you. If any aspect of the treatment plan isn’t working, she is very proactive about addressing it and making changes to ensure best results.

A nice bonus of coming to Dr. Epper is that she is very knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge. I appreciate not only being able to come in and get relief, but also learning more about what things I might be doing that are exacerbating any existing problems.

I’m happy to have found a great, caring, and reliable chiropractor!”

Alan O.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Epper for several years now and have been very happy with her and her skills. She is very empathetic… listens to her patients and knows just what to do to relieve discomfort. I recently took a fall which resulted in misalignment in different areas of my back. She corrected those misalignments and I have been virtually pain-free since. Her staff is very efficient and friendly… very easy to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Marlene W.